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Our Pool Services
Pressure testing suction and return lines for leaks$100.00
Sonic leak pinpointing$100.00
Scuba dive for liner or main drain leaks$250.00
Repair return or suction line under concreteup to $550.00
Repair return or suction line under interlock brick or patio$375.00
250,000 BTU heater installed$2,000 (standing pilot)
$2,150 (electronic ignition)
1 horse power pump installed$525.00
24 inch Hayward filter installed$500.00
Hayward off line chemical feeder installed$150.00
18 KG of Bromine tablets$199.00
Spa covers custom fit to your spa
– many colours to choose from
– 3″ X 2″ taper
Service call$75.00
16 X 32 full print 30 ml liner, new faceplates, gaskets (installed)$3,000.00

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